5 Interesting Facts About Siberian Tigers

A Siberian Tiger cub in the snow.   Do you think they're cute?  I do!

A Siberian Tiger cub in the snow. Do you think they’re cute? I do!

The reason why I am writing about Siberian tigers today is because my dad’s favourite animal is the tiger.  He likes tigers because he barracks for the Richmond Tigers in the AFL.

I like tigers too and here are 5 interesting facts that I have researched about them:

  1. Siberian tigers are the biggest of all of the tiger species.  The average male is 195 cm long (77 inches) plus a tail that is 99 cm long (39 inches).
  2. The Siberian tiger is endangered, with as few as 400 left in the wild.  Despite strict laws against it, poachers (people who kill animals for money) are still a big problem.
  3. Siberian tigers are well equipped to eat meat.  They have big teeth, sharp claws and excellent camouflage to catch their prey.  They mostly eat deer, wild pigs and even bears.
  4. Siberian tiger cubs are very cute and they have between 2-4 each litter.  They grow very quickly and the females usually live with their mum for longer.
  5. Also known as the Amur tiger, they live in far Eastern Russia and a few live in Northern China near the border with Russia.  It’s very cold there, which explains their long fur.

I hope that you found these facts interesting.

Are there any interesting facts that you would like to share about Siberian tigers?

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