5 Interesting Facts About Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Two ring-tailed lemurs sun bathing

Two ring-tailed lemurs sun bathing

If you have ever seen the movie Madagascar, then you’ve seen a ring-tailed lemur.

They are probably the best known of the lemur species and are one of my favourite primates.

Here are 5 interesting facts that you may not know about them:

  1. Like all lemurs, they are only found in the wild on the island of Madagascar.  I would love to visit there one day.
  2. They are excellent climbers and can jump from one tree to another.  They can even climb steep rock-faces and cliffs.
  3. They are a Near Threatened species, meaning that we have to take good care of them if they are to remain in the wild.  The biggest threat to them is habitat loss.
  4. They are omnivorous, meaning that they can eat meat and plants.  They mostly eat fruit and leaves, but have also been seen eating insects and lizards.
  5. The males have stink fights.  They use their scent glands to make their tails smell and then waft it at their opponents.  I wish I could do that to my little brother!

I hope that you found these facts interesting.

Are there any interesting facts that you would like to share about ring-tailed lemurs?

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