5 Interesting Facts About Shield Toads

Shield Toad

This is a very rare photo of a shield toad

Some people think that toads are ugly, but I found out about the shield toad and think that they are very cute.  I hope that you agree.

Here are five interesting facts about them:

  1. These tiny toads only measure just over 1 cm in length (about half an inch).
  2. They live under big piles of leaves in Brazilian rainforests, often up to 15 cm below the surface.
  3. Due to their size and elusive nature, the shield toad wasn’t discovered until 1998, which is only 7 years before I was born.
  4. These cute little guys hatch as fully formed toads, going through the normal tadpole stage while still in their eggs.
  5. Not much is known about them, so they are not rated as endangered, although threats to their habitat could mean that they could become extinct before we get to learn much about them, which would be very sad.

I hope that you found these facts interesting.

Are there any interesting facts that you would like to share about shield toads?

One thought on “5 Interesting Facts About Shield Toads

  1. I think they are very cute little animals. That is very interesting! I didn’t know there was a frog like that. Thanks for letting me know that there was!

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