5 Interesting Facts About Tropical Two-Wing Flyingfish

tropical two-wing flyingfish

This is a tropical two-wing flyingfish escaping from a predator by leaping out of the water.

Today I want to write about the unusual tropical two-wing flyingfish, because I like the way they fly through the air.

Here are five interesting facts about them:

  1. These fascinating fish reach a length of 12 inches.
  2. They are dark-blue on top and silver below, making them difficult to for predators to see.
  3. Their large side fins are used for flying, enabling them to leap out of the water for long distances to escape predators such as swordfish and tuna.  They can travel up to 25 metres in a single leap.
  4. Tropical two-wing flyingfish feed mainly on crustaceans and plankton.
  5. They are one of the most widespread species of flyingfish and are found in large schools in tropical and sub-tropical oceans around the world.

I hope that you found these facts interesting.

Are there any interesting facts that you would like to share about tropical two-wing flyingfish?

2 thoughts on “5 Interesting Facts About Tropical Two-Wing Flyingfish

  1. That is weird that there is a kind of fish that can actually fly! Well, kind of. I am really liking all of your posts and can’t wait for more!


  2. Trygon belongs to phylum chordate and class chondrichthyes, order hpotremata .Main property of this fish is give 5 volt current to other animals,,,, by niyazi abdullah

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