5 Interesting Facts About Zambezi Flapshell Turtles

Zambezi Flapshell Turtle

Here is a shy little Zambezi flapshell turtle

I like finding out information about very obscure animals that aren’t very well known.  One that I discovered recently is the Zambezi flapshell turtle.

Here are five interesting facts about them:

  1. These guys can grow to up to 56 cm long.
  2. A species of softshell turtle, Zambezi flapshell turtles have a smooth, soft shell rather than the hard shells of most turtles.  They are very shy and can pull their legs and head completely inside their shell when disturbed.
  3. These guys are carnivores, spending most of their lives buried deep in mud or sand with only their head showing so that they can catch small fish, aquatic snails, mussels and frogs.
  4. They breed at the start of the wet season, when the females lay clutches of about 15-25 very brittle eggs.  The cute little babies are less than 5 cm long when they first hatch.
  5. They are found in rivers, lakes and ponds throughout eastern Africa, in Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.  They are near threatened due to habitat loss.

I hope that you found these facts interesting and learned something new.

Are there any other interesting facts that you would like to share about Zambezi flapshell turtles?

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