5 Interesting Facts About New Caledonia Giant Geckos

New Caledonia Giant Gecko

This is a New Caledonia giant gecko relaxing in a tree

I recently has a request from Kylie, one of my dad’s cousins, to write about a gecko, so today I am writing about the New Caledonia giant gecko.

Here are five interesting facts about them:

  1. These large lizards grow up 36 cm long, making them the longest geckos in the world.  Due to their size, they are one of the top predators on the island where they live.
  2. New Caledonia giant geckos have a stumpy body and a short stubby tail.  Males often fight with each other, causing their tails to fall off.  The tails grow back, but never as long as their first tail.
  3. They come out of hiding at night to hunt in trees, catching insects, spiders and other geckos.  They also climb down to the ground to eat fruit that has fallen to the forest floor.  Like other geckos, they have special pads on their feet that enable them to climb steep, slippery surfaces.
  4. Unlike most other geckos, these guys are quite noisy, making a growling noise that has led locals to call them the “devil in the trees.”
  5. As their name suggests, New Caledonia giant geckos are found in the forests of the Pacific island of New Caledonia, where they are quite common.

I hope that you found these facts interesting and learned something new.

Are there any other interesting facts that you would like to share about New Caledonia giant geckos?

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