5 interesting Facts About Superb Fairy-Wrens

Superb Fairy-Wren

Here is a male superb fairy-wren looking for an insect to catch

Today I want to write about a beautiful little bird that I often see when I walk my dog near my house, the superb fairy-wren.

Here are five interesting facts about them:

  1. These tiny little birds only grow about 14 cm long, which includes their 6 cm long tail.
  2. Only the adult males have the bright blue feathers that they are well known for.  The females and younger males are a dull blue colour.
  3. Superb fairy-wrens are very fast flyers and use their short, wide bill to catch small insects on the ground and in the air.
  4. They live in small groups, who all help to raise the 3-4 chicks that are laid every brood.  The group usually has one dominant male, but the females often mate with many males.
  5. Superb fairy-wrens are very common and are found in low trees and shrubs throughout south-eastern Australia and Tasmania.  They have adjusted well to suburban living and are often found in gardens and parks.

I hope that you found these facts interesting and learned something new.

Are there any other interesting facts that you would like to share about superb fairy-wrens?

3 thoughts on “5 interesting Facts About Superb Fairy-Wrens

  1. They are the most beautiful little birds and we have a pair which respond to a photo of wrens which we put in our window. they have the most distinctive song.

  2. Hi Hayden, I have to correct your interesting facts about Superb fairy wrens.
    These are actual facts learned from 5 years of observing multiple Superb Fairy wren colonies on my own property.
    The chicks and females are always brown with pale underparts and red beaks and eye surrounds mature females have a blue-ish sheen to their tail feathers, males are usually a pale brown/grey during Autumn-Winter molting to the brilliant blue in the last weeks of winter.
    In the wild males pick the yellow flower petals of the Bulbine Lilly (Bulbine Bulbosa) and use them to court the females.
    Superb Fairy Wrens are very poor flyers, they can only cover small distances and struggle to reach the height of the eaves on a single level house. Their territories are usually quite small, I have 3 separate colonies on my 2 hectare property
    All of their hunting is ground based, those long legs enable them leap up to a metre to catch insects as large as butterflies.
    They live in small groups but the number of pairs within the group that breeds during a single season depends on winter rainfall. The dominant female dictates which males within the group breed with which females in the group, birds that disobey the directive of the dominant females are outcast and beaten mercilessly by the entire group whenever they try to return to the territory.

    • Interesting….clearly one can learn a great deal from watching these fascinating little birds. I have become attuned to their sound since they nested near my front porch, it is very distinct.

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